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This workshop will provide an introduction to the body-centered meditation practice known as Gurdjieff Movements. The Movements are an integral part of the work of G.I. Gurdjieff, the enigmatic philosopher mystic who provided his students with a wide variety of practical methods of raising consciousness.

The workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn several Movements under the guidance of two well qualified teachers. The workshop will also include complementary exercises with the subtle functions of attention and body sensation, which are seen as important gateways to establishing a deeper sense of presence.

July 5, 6, 7 • 2013
Friday • 7:00–9:00pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9 am – 5pm
Cost: $230 • Register  

Friday Evening Introduction
July 5, 2012 • Friday  •  7:00 pm
Donation: $10–15

Instructors: Vasanti and David Cacela.

Location: The Solstice Center
302 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302
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Questions or More Information:
Call Tad Hanna at 303-507-5809
Email: tad@tadhanna.com

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All ages are welcome, and no prior experience is required. Class size is limited. The workspace will be a comfortable dance studio located adjacent to scenic mountain hiking trails.


Engaging the well defined Movements choreography can help to illuminate some of our most fundamental functions. Working purposefully with the body while developing an active attitude towards attention may help to enrich one’s experience of essential Being.

Working in this way with appropriate focus helps to facilitate:

  • An immediate, realistic relationship with one's body
  • Release from habitual patterns into new, less conditioned ways of being
  • Appreciation of how one relates to others and the experience of working cooperatively
  • Opening to a higher quality of presence
  • Approach to the Mystery embodied in the Movements and the music of Gurdjieff/deHartmann

Our Approach to Movements

A central aspect of our approach to Movements practice is investigating the relationship between mind and body. Examining this relationship by submitting to the peculiar demands of precisely-defined movements may facilitate and deepen our recognition of the profoundly mechanical (“conditioned”) nature of one’s self as a human being. This recognition serves as a necessary foundation or touchstone for all other efforts to establish a more genuine presence, to develop one’s spiritual nature, or to connect more clearly with a higher form of consciousness. Learn more about the Gurdjieff Movements here.

We strive to explore and to appreciate the mind-body relationship by methodical self-observation. Important elements of this process are work with attention and sensation. Testing the proposition that both of these functions may be subject to a greater degree of active volition than is generally recognized is an important part of the process. A new appreciation of awareness, perception, balance, relaxation, intention, effort, remembrance, prayer, ego and personality may arise naturally as part of this kind of study.

Basically, we use the Movements floor as a kind of laboratory where we allow the Movements to challenge or disrupt our ordinary ways of functioning in order to gain insight to our own nature. We also explore the very important hypothesis that coordinating this type of work as purposeful group of people, rather than as a mere collection of individuals, may have the effect of accelerating evolution of the energies required for such insight.

Despite the kind of understanding outlined above, we also recognize that our existence is a profound mystery. Or, as Sufis might poetically express it, veils often separate Lover from Beloved. We seek to approach the Mystery with humility at least as great as our courage.

            About the Instructors

Vasanti met Gurdjieff thanks to the indication of Osho. Since 1990 the Gurdjieff Movements have been one of the main channels of her inner search. She also loves: Vipassana and Zazen, Satori and Who Is In, centering techniques, Practical Work.

She has taught the Gurdjieff Movements in Italy (Osho Centers, Fourth Way Groups, and others), in India (Pune, Osho Multiversity), and in Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Greece.

She has been involved in the teaching of the Movements with various teachers of the Gurdjieff-Bennett lineage (J. Wilkinson, D.R. Longo, J. Tomarelli). She has worked in the School for Centering and Zen Martial Arts (Osho Multiversity). She is trained in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Tui Shuo, Centering techniques.

She now lives in Corfu, Greece and has built a large hall for meditative arts.

David Cacela has explored the the ideas and practical methods of G.I. Gurdjieff for over thirty years and has taught Movements for over ten years. He was a residential student at Claymont School for Continuous Education, a Fourth Way school founded by J.G. Bennett. David began Movements practice under the guidance of Vivien and Pierre Elliot, both of whom were directly taught by Mr. Gurdjieff. David's background also includes in depth practice of sufism, aikido, and environmental science.


Practical Matters

  • Wear comfortable, modest clothing that is suitable for dancing or sitting.
  • Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. Practicing Movements while barefoot works for some people, but most prefer to use socks or some kind of dance slippers.
  • Food or beverages are not permitted on the dance floor.
  • Please refrain from wearing any type of perfume, cologne, scented lotion, etc.
  • Some class activities may happen while seated on the floor. If you prefer to sit on a cushion, please bring your own.
  • We will take short breaks as needed, including an hour for lunch at around 12:30pm. We suggest bringing your own lunch, including beverage (refrigerator available). The Solstice Center does not have vending machines. There are several cafes in the vicinity that sell light lunches.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early and be ready to begin on time. All practice sessions will begin promptly as scheduled.



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Workstudy Opportunities

A limited number of work/study opportunities to reduce
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